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billing, Payment, And Health insurance

First Appointment and Patient Portal

Monthly Statements

We send out a statement each month to show record of payments and to reconcile accounts. Copays and/or deductibles are charged the day of service but if it was missed it will be collected when the end of the month statements are sent out. This is typically the last week of the month. If other arrangements are needed please contact the office.


A percent you must pay each benefit period after you have paid your deductible. This payment is for covered services only. You may still have to pay a copay in addition to the co-insurance. Example: Your plan might cover 70 percent of your medical bill. You will have to pay the other 30 percent. The 30 percent is the coinsurance.

Copayment (Copay)

The amount you pay to a healthcare provider at the time you receive services. You may have to pay a copay for each covered visit to your doctor, depending on your plan. Not all plans have a copay.


The amount you pay for your healthcare services before your health insurer pays. Deductibles are based on your benefit period (typically a year at a time). Example: If your plan has a $1,500 annual deductible, you will be expected to pay the first $1,500 toward your healthcare services. After you reach $1,500, your health insurer will cover the rest of the costs (depending on the copay).

FSA (Flexible Spending Account)/ HSA (Health Spending Account)

An FSA is often set up through an employer plan while an HSA is often set up by an individual. These types of accounts let you set aside pre-tax money for common medical costs and dependent care. FSA funds must be used by the end of the term-year. It will be sent back to the employer if you don’t use it. Check with your employer’s Human Resources staff.

Network Provider/In-network Provider

A healthcare provider who is part of a plan’s network. Please confirm your counselor is In-network.

Our Counselors are In-newtork with the following: Health Alliance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare (Optum), Aetna, Medicare, Cigna, Healthlink, United Healthcare Student Insurance, Humana.

Non-network Provider/Out-of-network Provider

A healthcare provider who is not part of a benefit plan’s network. Costs associated with out-of-network providers may be higher or not covered by your plan. Consult your health insurance benefit plan for more information.

Out-of-pocket Cost

This is the cost you must pay. Out-of-pocket costs vary by plan and each plan has a maximum out of pocket cost. Consult with your plan for more information. Most health insurance plans include Out-of-pocket.

If you do not have one of the above-listed insurance providers, we can provide you with an “Insurance Super Bill” that provides your insurance company all the information to apply for reimbursement. Your insurance company would decide how much would be reimbursable or applied to your deductible.

Cancellation Policy

Can’t make it to an appointment? Please make sure you give your therapist a 24 hours advanced notice. Since we are unable to use this time for another client, please note that you will be billed $90 or your private pay rate (whichever is lower) for the scheduled appointment if it is not timely cancelled, unless such cancellation is due to illness or an emergency. We appreciate your help in keeping the office schedule running timely and efficiently.

For additional questions about payment options, including a sliding scale rate for private pay fee’s,

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