trauma stabilization Savoy IL


Co-Owners of Hope Centered Wellness Group, Tony and Shanda Nichols, have been working with people in the helping profession in various roles since 2003. Tony has experience with individuals, group, couples, and families from working in the department of corrections, schools, treatment centers, churches, foster care, and in private practice. Shanda has 6 years of experience specifically in mental health working in treatment centers, schools, and geriatric home aide.

In 2016 Shanda began her massage career and has been developing her skills with body work in helping people recover from sports injury, aches and pains, muscle tension, relieve symptoms of anxiety/stress, and relieve symptoms of trauma. Shortly after, Tony attained his clinical license to practice independently and they started renting an office space where they began to integrate their modalities with clients in their private practice. Shanda began her practice as Shanda Nichols Massage and Tony began the counseling side of things as Hope Centered Wellness Group LLC

In their practice they have learned that trauma doesn’t just impact the mind and emotions, but also significantly impacts the body as well. When a person experiences trauma, the body remembers the safety response (flight, fight, freeze, or fawn) and Massage can help the body recalibrate by slowing down the nervous system, decrease the heart rate, relax muscles from stress, and improves self-care. And in counseling, the client can learn skills, process past trauma, and learn to regulate their emotions. The holistic approach of treating the body, mind, and emotions through counseling and massage caught momentum and decided to rebrand the practice as Hope Centered Wellness Group.

In the last couple of years the practice has experienced growth so in 2021 they added a Licensed Social Worker and Licensed Professional Counselors to their private practice to reach out in helping more people in the Champaign community and in the broader state of Illinois work through struggles with mental health and overcome past trauma so they can enjoy their life again.