For many people, Spring is the hope of warmer days and cooler clothes. For others, “spring cleaning” is at the top of the list, an exciting time of ridding oneself of old things to make room for a fresh start! Winter is finally done and the opportunities are endless for updating our wardrobe and our home decorations. However, it may not be as common to think about how we are doing with our routines, and how we might benefit from a self-care “Spring cleaning.”

With longer days meaning more sunlight, the start of a new season may just be the perfect time to check in with ourselves and assess how we are doing with our personal habits. I’ve compiled a brief checklist to help you identify areas where you might stand to benefit from a little cleaning up and updating your routine!

  • Am I eating an appropriate amount of meals daily? We tend to overeat in the winter, so take some time to make sure you are eating at least 2-3 meals daily that include a healthy amount of carbohydrates, fats, protein, fiber, and water. Talk to your doctor about any special nutrition needs you may have.
  • Do I feel rested throughout my day? Our sleep habits may also change during winter times, so check in with the amount of sleep you are getting nightly and make changes to ensure your body is resting enough!
  • How much time I am spending outside? Winter weather is not always optimal for time spent outdoors (except for sledding, of course!). After many months spent cozy indoors, we may be eager to spend time outside soaking up the sun! Make sure you are using sunscreen to keep your skin safe from overexposure to the sun, and brush up on your
    knowledge of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
  • How much time am I spending recharging? It may be tempting to spend increased time with our friends and family, going on trips and enjoying the changing environment. However, burnout is still possible, so make sure you are intentional about spending quality time with yourself!
  • How is my mental health doing? Seasonal depression, social anxiety from holiday events, and many other experiences can have us feeling a little lower than usual. Ask yourself how comfortable you feel with your own thoughts and feelings, and consider talking to your counselor about any unfavorable changes that may have occurred over the past season.

The year is still starting, which means that there is every opportunity to make it a great one. Taking the time to stop and think about our self-care habits can provide an invaluable amount of feedback regarding where we are emotional, mentally, and behaviorally. If you are wanting some assistance with figuring out how to self-inventory and work on any needed changes, feel free to reach out to a licensed mental health counselor for guidance

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