Christina Hoppin, LCPC

Are you going through a difficult time and need support? Is your self-talk critical, negative, or anxious? Do you want to know where your beliefs, feelings, and behaviors come from? My name is Christina Hoppin. I like to help people identify and heal the source of their pain and struggles. I understand that past experiences and current circumstances can have profound impacts on mood, relationships, self-esteem, trust, beliefs about ourselves, how we engage with the world, physical health, and spiritual health. I want to help people heal from the relationships, environments, and circumstances that have left wounds so they can make positive changes in their lives.
  •  Compassion Focused
  •  Psychoeducation
  •  Relational
  •  Parts/Ego State Work
  •  EMDR
  •  Somatic/Body Work
  •  Trauma Focused
Christina's Availability varies from 9a-7p Monday - Thursday.