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Men’s Workshop

The Men's Workshop - A Counseling Group That Meets Weekly and Facilitated by
Jason Givens, M.Ed

Jason is a compassionate guy that loves supporting and challenging people to live their best life. He listens with intention to help and with empathy. He has over 10 years in the human services field with M.Ed and a MBA. He is looking forward to meeting up with a group of guys at his workshop.

What can you expect?

  • A supportive group that meets weekly where men can explore and process life’s ups and downs.

  • A place where men feel comfortable to open up about relationships, work stress, and family.

  • A group that helps men explore a vision and goals for their life.

  • A leader that will provide education about healthy masculinity, men’s mental health issues, and men’s health and wellness overall.

  • A group that meets weekly for 60 minutes from 12p – 1p.

Hope Centered Accepts Health Insurance, Cash, and Checks for group.

The private pay rate is $20/group session.


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